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Marriage (Nikah) Services

Marriage (Nikah) Services:

Salaheddin Islamic Centre offers Marriage (Nikah) Services. Please see the steps below to book services:

  • Make bookings – for either Nikah services or to use the facility (or both) by calling 416-264-3900
  • Purchase the marriage license from any city hall in Ontario (Please keep in mind that it expires, 3 months from the date of purchase).
  • Provide 2 pieces of photo I.D. (driver license, passport etc.).
  • Ensure the Wali (Male guardian of the bride) is present at the marriage.
  • Agree on witnesses (2 minimum , 1 from each side is recommended).
  • Agree on a dowry before the wedding day; and inform the Imam, if you want it to be written in the Islamic contract, or written as agreed upon.

Please inform us if there are any changes to the time or date of the marriage you have booked.

Please be advised that as of January 17th, 2019, all Nikah applicants at Salaheddin Islamic Centre will be required to sign forms certifying that they are not married at the time of application.
While we stand by our position that no illegal marriages have been performed at Salaheddin Islamic Centre, we have decided to implement this policy to ensure that any possible legal grey areas are avoided.


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  • Professional staff
  • Quality services
  • Friendly environment

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