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Funeral Services

Salaheddin Islamic Centre has been providing burial services to the Muslim community for many years. We understand that it is very hard to lose a loved one; therefore we strive to provide services that will bring ease to the family of the deceased In Shaa Allah. Subject to the availability of burial certificates, we are able to carry out burials on the day in any cemetery. Our dedicated staff and volunteers (men and women) Provide services in a manner that complies with Quran and Sunnah. 

All you have to do is sign one form and we will take care of the rest In shaa Allah

Our service includes:


o Fully-equipped vehicle 

o   Bring the deceased from where ever they are (Home, Hospital, Morgue) to our funeral room equipped with body fridge.

o   Arrange time with family members for washing the body

o   We encourage the family to do the washing, and we will guide and teach them too

o   Provide the COFFIN (Box) and the KAFAN (Shroud)

o   Make the arrangement with the cemetery

o  Obtain the burial permit

o  Submit all the papers to City Hall to obtain the death certificates 

o   If the deceased was on Ontario Work, ODSP or a senior citizen then we will help you to get the fund from the government to cover the full cost      

o   show you how to obtain Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit

o Provide family counseling to help family members to cope with their loses.

Salaheddin Islamic Center Contact Address for Funeral Services 

-       Cell: (416) 452-0409 Br. Abdulwahab Ibrahim

-       Cell: (416) 716-0395 Dr. Aly Hindy

-       Cell: (416) 558-2263 Br. Siraj Aman

-       Cell: (416) 904-8671 Br. Ibrahim Alnejashy

-       Tel:  (416) 264-3900 Main Line

-       Email: info@salaheddin.org

-       741 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON. M1K 2C6 Canada

"Indeed to Allah (swt) belongs that what He has taken and to Him belongs that which He has given. All things have a set appointed time"